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Matthew McConaughey wants you to get into the groove in the Alamo Drafthouse's latest PSA

In his review, our film editor A.A. Dowd calls Harmony Korine’s latest The Beach Bum a “shaggy new comedy of dirtbag decadence” in which “Matthew McConaughey renders redundant any further parodies of Matthew McConaughey” by “riffing on his own surfer-goofball star persona.” In other words, McConaughey plays a beach rat named Moondog who’s secretly a genius poet, a gender-bending, PBR-guzzling, joint-toking prophet whose chill levels are on par with the most enlightened of Zen masters.

And that playful spirit definitely carries through to McConaughey and Korine’s—sorry, Dave Matthews and Harmonics Kareem’s—addition to the Alamo Drafthouse’s famed library of “Don’t Talk” PSAs, in which McConaughey asks audience members to “slide it back in your fanny pack” and get into the groove of the movie, man. You can watch that exclusively above.


The Beach Bum opens nationwide today.

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