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Matthew McConaughey to play The Beach Bum for Harmony Korine

Photo: Gregory Pace / Getty Images

Matthew McConaughey’s now an Oscar winner more commonly associated with prestige projects, but to many of us he’s still the dude who was arrested while playing the bongos naked. That side of the McConaughey persona is what makes this bit of news so exciting: The actor will play a character named Moondog in a new film from Harmony Korine titled The Beach Bum. According to Deadline, which reported the casting, Moondog is being described as “a rebellious charmer,” but, given that this is a Korine movie, we can only assume that it will at some point get truly bizarre. This seems like the perfect opportunity for McConaughey to go full Franco in Spring Breakers, and we desperately hope that is the case. However, it’s unclear what this means for Korine’s long-in-the-works The Trap.


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