Saturday Night Live

As reported by Deadline, NBC has tapped Matthew McConaughey to host the November 21 episode of Saturday Night Live. Deadline notes that he hasn’t hosted since 2003, which also happens to be the year Kenan Thompson became a featured player on the show, so it has been a pretty long time since he graced the stage of Studio 8H. That means the writers probably have a ton of great McConaughey jokes they’ve been dying to use, but kids these days only know him from True Detective and those Lincoln ads, so we’re probably just going to get a few True Detective and Lincoln parodies. Or maybe they’ll kill two birds with one stone and do a combination Lincoln/True Detective parody? It’ll have McConaughey monologuing about pretentious car stuff, and then the camera will pan over to reveal Taran Killam (or whoever) as Woody Harrelson sitting next to him, and then he’ll make a joke about season two of True Detective being disappointing. It’ll be funny, but in a “huh, that’s clever” way instead of a “ha ha” way.

The musical guest on McConaughey’s episode will be Adele, and she’ll probably sing two songs that are powerful-yet-sad or dramatic-yet-uplifting. Prove us wrong, SNL. We dare you.