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Matthew McConaughey is set to bring his Oscar-winning collection of thousand-yard stares to Billionaire’s Vinegar, according to Variety. The film is based on Benjamin Wallace’s book focusing on a controversial collection of vintage Bordeaux supposedly owned by Thomas Jefferson. A Christie’s auction saw a single bottle of the 1787 Chateau Lafite Bordeaux fetch $156,000, and wine collector Bill Koch purchased four bottles of the stuff for half a million dollars. Koch later filed suit, claiming that the collection was fraudulent. (You can learn more about how the questionable wine’s authenticity was tested over at NPR.)


Like a fine Bordeaux aging patiently in a collector’s cellar, the Billionaire’s Vinegar adaptation has been sitting in production limbo since 2008, waiting for the right time to be uncorked (or, more accurately, to remain corked and passed around to impress fellow enthusiasts). McConaughey’s role has not been specified, but pairing his signature authenticity to the project will help shine a light on the plight of billionaires who bravely invest hundreds of millions of dollars assembling collections of wine that no one will ever drink.

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