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Matthew McConaughey’s Wolf Of Wall Street chest thump gets a dance remix

In typical, understated-yet-crazy Matthew McConaughey fashion, the newly minted Oscar winner claims that his chest-thumping schtick from The Wolf Of Wall Street was no big deal. In a press junket interview for The Showbiz 411 in February, McConaughey explained:

“It’s something I do from time to time to relax myself before a scene, or to get my voice lower, and I’ll do it to whatever the rhythm of the character in in the scene. I was doing it before takes, and Leonardo [DiCaprio] had the idea of ‘Why don’t you put that in the scene?’ so I did.”


It might be nothing but a warmup exercise, but the Internet has gone crazy for McConaughey’s scene-stealing chest thump. And when the Internet goes crazy for something, it gets a dance remix, so here it is, courtesy of VJ/remix artist Jonny Wilson, a.k.a. Eclectic Method:

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