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Matthew McConaughey is still down for True Detective season 3

Matthew McConaughey seems like a pretty laid-back kind of guy—the kind of guy who would go along with an interviewer’s hypothetical question, even if said question was about something that will more than likely never happen, because fuck it, right? That’s basically what happened when McConaughey appeared on sports announcer Rich Eisen’s eponymous talk show this past Friday. Following up on an exchange the two had back in June, Eisen asked if “the ball had moved any further down the field” for a third season of the show. In response, McConaughey said that creator Nic Pizzolatto was still on a self-imposed hiatus from True Detective after its critically panned second season, but that “if that thing was written well and it came up again, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second.”

That would deviate from True Detective’s original anthology concept, but if anyone can reverse the show’s currently dismal chances of getting a third season, it’s McConaughey. And Pizzolatto is still under contract with HBO, where he’s developing a mystery project with Robert Downey Jr. rumored to be a Perry Mason reboot. Whether a third season of True Detective is a good idea, of course, is another matter entirely.


You can hear the words coming straight out of McConaughey’s mouth in the clip below. Note the super chill posture:

[via ScreenCrush]

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