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Matthew Lillard to bring a touch of ’80s California to Halt And Catch Fire

(Screengrab: The Bridge)

Season three of Halt And Catch Fire will see Mutiny’s founders get a fresh start in Silicon Valley, where Joe (Lee Pace) will be setting up shop as well. And it looks like he’ll get a hand from an investor played by Matthew Lillard. Entertainment Weekly reports that Lillard, late of FX’s The Bridge, has been cast in a recurring role as Ken Diebold, “a slickly dressed, self-assuredly confident, undeniably cool businessman.” That may sound an awful lot like Joe, but Ken also embodies the “1980s with a touch of California,” which probably doesn’t mean he’s an early Black Flag fan. But, musical tastes aside, Ken will be a key player in Joe’s storyline this season, providing a significant investment in the latter’s Sonaris anti-virus program.

Lillard’s still very much a part of the Scooby-Doo-verse, providing the voices for Shaggy and other minor characters in the occasional animated TV movie. He’s also joined the Twin Peaks’ revival’s cast of hundreds (including Jim Belushi), which is coming to Showtime early next year. But in the meantime, you can watch him rock a pastel sport coat or some seersucker when Halt And Catch Fire returns to AMC on August 23.


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