Matthew Broderick and Chloƫ Sevigny will star in the upcoming dark comedy Look Away, Deadline reports. The film, directed by Andy Delaney and Monty Whitebloom and written by Hannibal producer Jennifer Schuur, centers on a young woman who suffers from a fictional condition called selective blindness that renders her physically unable to see her mother. The selectively blind lead will be played by up-and-coming British actor Shannon Tarbet. Broderick and Sevigny will play her parents, meaning Sevigny will be the selectively invisible mom.

Sevigny continues to be a scene-stealing powerhouse on television, with a recent role on Netflixā€™s Bloodline, where she was underused but still made the most of every scene. Sheā€™ll also return to the dysfunctional American Horror Story family this fall on AHS: Hotel, where sheā€™ll be the only hope of filling the enormous gap left in the cast by Jessica Langeā€™s departure. (Now weā€™re kind of wishing selective blindness were a real thing so we could have never seen AHS: Freak Show in the first place.)


In addition to Look Awayā€”which started filming on June 8ā€”Sevignyā€™s upcoming film projects include Love And Friendship, a Whit Stillman-directed adaptation of Jane Austenā€™s Lady Susan. Broderick, meanwhile, is considerably less busy but is presumably still waiting to see if Sarah Jessica Parkerā€™s upcoming Divorce project for HBO is a coded message.