As life is often like being trapped in a hotel room with your family on a perpetually rained-out vacation, Mattel has teamed with The Gurin Company to help us pass the time by developing UNO: The Game Show, based on the wildly endured card game. And like many a mom pulling it out of her purse, Mattel is trying to act really excited about UNO, developing the potential series in both a half-hour daily version and an hour-long primetime format. The difference between the two lies in their respective jackpots ($100,000 and $1 million), and the fact that the primetime version has way more murders and sexual abuse subplots, presumably. Skeet Ulrich will star as Det. Skip Reverse. "You're a wild card!" his superiors will scream at him.

Anyway, both versions will see players “match colors, numbers, and wits” as well as tendencies to save up Draw Two cards and be a dick, all in a game of strategy that’s recommended for ages 7 and up, but maybe also adults can play it for money now that we’ve literally had an “extreme musical chairs” show. The deal marks one of Mattel’s biggest forays yet into making Hasbro look like assholes.