In a similar mold as Nike’s recent self-lacing sneakers that don’t actually self-lace (but are still plenty expensive), Mattel has announced plans to release another longstanding item from the Back To The Future fan’s wish list, the hoverboard, except without the part where the board actually hovers. According to the official description, “This totally awesome 1:1 replica of the hover board from the BTTF 2 and BTTF 3 films includes multiple whooshing sounds and will glide over most surfaces”—except for water, unless you’ve got POWER. But also, everything else that is not water, because Mattel also notes that it “does not actually ‘hover’—check back in 2015 for that feature.” Those who can overlook that minor total lack in functionality can request their—let's just call them "boards"—beginning this March, and provided Mattel meets its minimum order requirement, they’ll begin shipping in time for Christmas. One other word of caution: Although the price won’t be officially revealed until later this month, Mattel does note that it is a “high-cost item.” After all, “whooshing sounds” don’t come cheap. [via /Film]