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Matt Ryan’s John Constantine lives, will appear on Arrow


As long prophesied in some ancient book deep within The House Of Mysteryand also this Newswire—the snarky, cynical, chain-smoking, Sting-looking demon hunter known as John Constantine will officially be crossing over into the world of The CW’s Arrow during its upcoming fourth season. Not only that, but Constantine will be played by Matt Ryan, reprising his role from NBC’s short-loved (and reasonably well-liked) Constantine TV series. According to Variety, CW president Mark Pedowitz referred to Constantine’s appearance as a “great one-shot episode,” so it doesn’t sound like he’ll be sticking around and becoming a new love interest for any of the regular Arrow characters. Still, this will hopefully be a nice consolation prize for the Constantine fans who are mad at NBC for dumping the show back in June.

Ryan also posted a short video on Twitter confirming the news, which has the added benefit of reminding us that he’s not Keanu Reeves. Maybe that version of John Constantine can crossover with Arrow next? We can only hope.


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