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Matt Reeves wants to add some Hitchcock to The Batman

(Screenshot: Warner Bros. UK/YouTube)

Back in February, after a brief period of chaos, Matt Reeves took over the role of directing The Batman from a world-weary Ben Affleck, who decided just to star in the project. With the critical success of Wonder Woman, the pressure’s on for Reeves to deliver. And in a new interview with CNET, the War For The Planet Of The Apes director is setting expectations high, referencing none other than Alfred Hitchcock.

“For me, point of view is really important,” Reeves tells the publication. “I want to make sure you are experiencing something from the perspective of the main character in the story. I’m a huge Hitchcock fan—I like the idea of being immersed in that perspective.” A Hitchcockian-type thriller, more focused on emotion than explosions, with Bruce Wayne at the center does sound intriguing. However, it’s not quite in line with the we-promise-we’re-fun-now direction in which the DCEU seems to be heading.


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