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Matt Pinfield has worked his way through nearly every aspect of the music industry. He started as a radio host and club DJ, moved onto hosting countless shows and specials for MTV and VH1, appeared on TRL in a segment that featured his music knowledge, and worked as the VP of A&R for Columbia Records. He’s got a wealth of rock stories from his decades in the industry, so MTV sat him down to tell quick versions of some of his best tales, then had a bunch of different animators add some surreal visuals—you know, sort of like what we did for Stand Down. The video below is Matt’s story of meeting a sheriff in Aberdeen, Washington who has copies of Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic’s mugshots from when they were arrested for vandalism as teenagers—they were caught tagging an alley. Other stories include James Murphy working as an underage bouncer at a bar and Caleb Followill making plans for Eddie Vedder to join Kings Of Leon onstage while they were both blackout drunk. Check out all ten episodes of the series here.

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