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Netflix debuted the first full trailer for Matt Groening’s new cartoon series Disenchantment tonight at Comic-Con, offering up our first real look at rebellious princess Bean (Abbi Jacobson), doofy elf Elfo (Nat Faxon), and demonic sidekick Luci (Eric Andre, clearly having a lot of fun playing it even more Chaotic Evil than usual). Set to a folksy instrumental cover of “Rebel Rebel,” the show tells the story of Bean, who runs away from a crappy arranged marriage (and a dangerously pointy throne) to get drunk and have a bunch of adventures with her friends.


Per the show’s panel tonight, the series represents a very different story direction for Groening and frequent producing partner Josh Weinstein, focused on a serialized tale more in line with the narrative moves the pair made with the later seasons of Futurama. As far as comedy goes, meanwhile, it’s kind of a mixed bag; some of it just feels like “Futurama, but fantasy,” but we have to admit to snorting at the description of hope as “a feeling you don’t want to drink away.”

Disenchantment debuts on Netflix next month, on August 17.

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