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Matt Groening's Disenchantment is back on September 20

Image: Netflix

Confession time: We struggled occasionally to find the magic in Netflix’s recent Matt Groening fantasy parody Disenchantment, with a strong voice cast straining at times to lift overly familiar material. Still, the show’s first installment ended on a powerful note, doubling down on its serialized elements while still bringing some fairly top-notch jokes to the party. Now, Netflix has announced a premiere date for the show’s second part, revealing Bean and company’s return with…wait, is that a Game Of Thrones reference? You sure about that one, team?


But while Groening is pretty much begging to be hit by one of those nasty petitions we’ve been hearing about of late by aligning his series with the Iron Throne—to say nothing of highlighting his show’s silver-haired princess with a notable violent streak—we’re still fairly excited to see Disenchantment return on September 20. If nothing else, the show’s first run proved that it had potential; it’ll be interesting to see if it can live up to it this second time around.

And if not, well: There’s always Change.org.

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