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As part of Fox's effort to create "event series"—limited-run dramas that will have people tuning in and then talking around the water cooler, assuming people still quaintly cling to the outmoded 20th-century concepts of "tuning in," "water coolers," and "talking"—the network hired M. Night Shyamalan to executive produce Wayward Pines, a 10-to-12-part series about a mysterious disappearance in a bucolic small town, that's is in no way based on Twin Peaks.

Instead, it's based on Pines, Blake Crouch's 2012 novel that is… based on Twin Peaks. And now Matt Dillon is set to star as Secret Service agent Ethan Burke, who visits Wayward Pines, ID, looking for two missing federal agents. Carla Gugino will play Kate Hewson, Dillon's former partner, former lover, current resident of Wayward Pines, and avid coincidence enthusiast.

As you may have guessed, Agent Burke's search for answers uncovers only more questions. Among them: Why is M. Night Shyamalan still getting work? And, are you sure this isn't a remake of Twin Peaks?


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