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Matt Damon’s all in for a Rounders franchise

(Screengrab: The Rich Eisen Show/YouTube)

Matt Damon’s made a lot of movies, including several of the Jason Bourne and Ocean’s Eleven variety. He’s actually out stumping for Jason Bourne right now, which will see him taking out his foes, efficiently and thoroughly. While on The Rich Eisen Show, the Martian star talked about the great fun that was had, breaking necks and playing pranks, in both those franchises. But when the host asked him which properties he’d actually revisit, Damon revealed that the cinematic world he’d like to flesh out is one of straight flushes and big blinds.

If you hadn’t guessed from our admittedly lame poker references, Damon’s talking about Rounders, the John Dahl-directed film he made after Good Will Hunting, where he again played a gifted, charming guy with a past. That eminently re-watchable movie—which had everyone wondering if they were the sucker at the table—is the basis for a potential new franchise for Damon. He’s already talked to screenwriters David Levien and Brian Koppelman about making a Rounders movie for a new generation (no, not millennials). It’s currently just an idea, but Damon says the prospective new film would go “deep” into player theory, because online poker’s irrevocably changed the game.


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