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Fresh from defending Ben Affleck’s Batman by arguing that Batman is actually kind of dumb, Matt Damon has reportedly been hired for the already-considerable cast of Interstellar, presumably so he can say that to Christopher Nolan’s face. The Playlist broke the news of Damon joining the project (along with hints that Damon might also be making his directorial debut soon on A Murder Foretold, from Argo writer Chris Terrio). Though, as with all other things Interstellar, that’s about all there is to report. Still, it’s believed that Damon will take on a “small, undisclosed role” in the film about a group of explorers, a newly discovered wormhole, and lots of heady space stuff. Also, he’ll be terrific in it, because people in space just float there with helmets over their heads and whisper in kind of an oxygen-deprived voice at each other. Matt Damon will be great at that.


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