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Matt Damon and Gus Van Sant team up with John Krasinski to make Ben Affleck feel left out

In news that is bound to leave Ben Affleck seething with jealousy, Focus Features and Participant Productions have won a bidding war for Promised Land, a script co- written by Matt Damon and John Krasinski. The toothy twosome will also star in the film, which is described by Deadline as a “Capraesque tale” about rival corporate executives. And to really twist the knife in Affleck, Good Will Hunting director and frequent Damon collaborator Gus Van Sant is attached, as is Project Greenlight producer Chris Moore. Krasinski began with an “idea for a film that had resonance in the current climate of economic hardship caused by corporate greed,” and, in a sign of his own magnanimity, paid his own pal, novelist Dave Eggers, to write the first draft of the script. He then brought the project to his new bestie Damon while the actor was filming The Adjustment Bureau (which co-starred Krasinki’s wife, Emily Blunt). Damon and Krasinski later took over the writing when Eggers became unavailable—so at least Affleck can take cold comfort in knowing he’s not the only one left out of this bro-fest.


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