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Matt Czuchry joins the Gilmore Girls revival to crush your ‘shipping dreams

Gilmore Girls

According to TVLine, Matt Czuchry will be returning to Gilmore Girls for its four-part revival on Netflix, reprising his role as the lovable(?) jackass Logan Huntzberger. This is the news that a lot of Gilmore Girls fans have dreaded since the revival was announced, because it means there’s a chance that Rory will either get back together with him or consider getting back together with him, both of which are unacceptable. Everyone except the most frustrating contrarians know that Rory is supposed to be with Jess, or, barring that, she should be out kicking ass on her own because she doesn’t need some man to drag her down.

This casting update comes only a couple of days after Melissa McCarthy revealed that she hasn’t been asked to return for the Gilmore Girls revival, which either means that Czuchry and Logan are significantly more important to the storyline than McCarthy and Sookie would’ve been, or that Czuchry is just significantly cheaper than McCarthy is these days.


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