With his TV show ending soon, Matt Bomer has suddenly found himself with a lot of free time. Unlike most people in America who suddenly find themselves with free time, though, Bomer is using it to get as many jobs as he can. He’ll be in the Magic Mike sequel, he’s going to freak everybody out with his gross face in American Horror Story, he earned an Emmy nomination for his work in HBO’s The Normal Heart, and now he’s going to be in The Nice Guys, Shane Black’s hard-boiled detective movie set in the ‘70s.

This comes from Deadline, which also finally clarified who Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe will be playing in the movie. See, the story is about an alcoholic detective and an alcoholic tough guy investigating the death of a porn star, and when we reported that Gosling and Crowe had signed up, we didn’t know which guy was going to be the one alcoholic and which would be the other alcoholic. Now we know that Gosling is going to be the detective, and Crowe is a gangster who hires him to look into the murder, which we guess makes Crowe the alcoholic tough guy. Surely this has been a mystery worthy of its own Shane Black-directed hard-boiled crime drama.


Anyway, we don’t know who Bomer will be playing, but Deadline says he “comes in” as the two main guys uncover “a dangerous conspiracy.” The original premise only mentioned two guys and a dead porn star, so Bomer is either going to be a dead porn star or some kind of fourth character. The mystery deepens!