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Matt Besser and Rich Fulcher star in Adult Swim’s newest 4 a.m. parody

If you spent the last five days or so in a cabin with no Internet or cell phone service, first of all—congratulations on not getting murdered by a masked psycho! Second—we’re guessing you missed the whole Too Many Cooks thing. It’s an Adult Swim parody of drawn-out ‘70s and ‘80s sitcom credits sequences, originally aired at 4 a.m., that went viral on Thursday after someone uploaded it to YouTube. (It’s now available on their website.) How viral? Your mom and your mother-in-law posted it on Facebook viral.

Ok, now we’re all up to speed. Too Many Cooks is actually part of a tradition at Adult Swim of airing infomercial parodies and surreal material—as well as material from up-and-coming new talent—at 4 a.m., when only really stoned people and their most dedicated fans (often one and the same) will see it. Former writers for our sister publication The Onion have made one, as have the members of Baltimore’s Wham City Comedy collective.


Now Adult Swim has released its first new “infomercial” since Too Many Cooks blew up, In Search Of Miracle Man, starring Matt Besser and Rich Fulcher as two guys in cheap suits (okay, one suit, one fishing vest) touting the second coming of a savior they call Miracle Man, who will take believers to a magical land where “judge and jury drones” will mete out justice to criminals who commit such heinous offenses as slouching and texting during movies. Too Many Cooks may be a difficult act to follow, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Besser and Fulcher.

In Search Of Miracle Man is currently only available to view on the Adult Swim website with a cable-provider password, but surely you clever, cable-less kids can find some other way to check it out.

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