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Matt Berry briefly resurrects Toast Of London for some Margaret Thatcher-themed phone sex

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Screenshot: Toast of London (YouTube)

Though there is currently no shortage of Matt Berry content on television these days, it’s been years since fans of the cult favorite Toast Of London have gotten a fresh dose of Steven Toast’s uniquely pathetic brand of horniness. Thankfully, these trying times have given the sonorous-voiced comedian the opportunity to do a little home recording and give us a glimpse into Toast’s phone sex habits with his on-again, off-again adulteress, Mrs. Purchase (Tracy Ann Oberman).

“Just a little something I wrote with Arthur tailored for times like these,” Berry wrote on Twitter, referring to Arthur Mathews, co-creator and co-writer of Toast Of London. The clip is classic Toast, riddled with esoteric references to British actors of stage and screen, unquestionably made-up slang for sexual arousal, and a brief appearance from an irate Ray “Bloody” Purchase. All that’s missing is a little Clem Fandango and a spontaneous musical number.

All three seasons of Toast Of London are currently available on Netflix; a fourth season was ordered by the BBC back in 2017, though there’s no sign that anything is in production. Hopefully, more clips like this will continue to be released to satiate viewers’ appetites. After all, Toast could certainly use the work.

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