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Matchbox Twenty show delayed by bees

(Photo: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

Yesterday turned out to be a weird day for concert cancellations; we already reported that Lollapalooza was forced to end early for the night, thanks to inclement weather. But unlike the members of Matchbox Twenty, at least Lorde and Muse didn’t have to contend with nature’s scariest force shutting down their show: Bees.

Yes, the Macaulay Culkin-in-My-Girl murderers struck again last night, venting their honey-crazed rage on Rob Thomas and his bandmates. The group was preparing to take the stage in Arizona last night, when they realized that a swarm of bees had taken over the venue (specifically, a speaker rack). It took roughly an hour for the swarm to be cleared away, more than enough time for the jokes and memes to start flowing.


The hive was eventually removed, with no harm to insect or man alike. The news was eventually reported on by a number of outlets, including the Bee-Bee C.


[via Noisey]

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