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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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Is QuizUp no longer enough to satisfy your insatiable lust for trivia? Well, the awkwardly named What Film/TV Set only has ten questions, so it’ll only keep the monkey off your back for a few minutes. But those few minutes will be an ingenious merger of the mass surveillance that permeates every aspect of our lives and our collective obsession with pop culture minutiae. Or maybe just a movie quiz game.


Basically, What Film/TV Set shows players a Google Maps picture of the filming location of a famous movie or TV show, then asks you to match the title with the location. Some are instantly recognizable (The Home Alone house), some not so much. After each question is answered, the game provides a handful of fun facts about the title in question. The game is heavy on UK locations, so you’ll have to brush up on your Emmerdale and Neighbours if you want to score a perfect 10. (Or just use one of the game’s insanely easy hints—one reads, “The star of this film spent much of her time scribbling the ups and downs of her life in her diary.” The answer? Bridget Jones’ Diary.)  (Mostly) different questions pop up every time, so if you don’t mind a little redundancy there’s potential for extended time wasting. Winners get entered into some kind of TV sweepstakes and bragging rights on Facebook and Twitter—not to mention sweet relief.

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