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Mastodon’s “Asleep In The Deep” is the trippiest cat video you’ll see all week

We’ve talked about our love for the love between metal dudes and their cats before here on The A.V. Club, a love that is understood by Mastodon singer/guitarist Brent Hinds, who is a pet owner himself. We like to imagine Hinds sitting at home, taking bong rips and wondering what the cat gets up to when he’s not around, as the inspiration for the group’s new video “Asleep In The Deep,” the new single off of its 2014 album Once More ‘Round The Sun.

In the video, a cat goes exploring as its human watches TV, encountering a group of what look like mummified cat puppets in a brightly colored cave. These mystical creatures pour a bowl of hallucinogenic milk for our feline protagonist, turning it into a puppet and sending it on a psychedelic journey that culminates with throwing a three-headed werewolf into a volcano at the center of what can only be described as cat Mordor. Then it’s back to the couch, the cat’s human unaware of the psychoactive adventure his little buddy just went on while he dozed through a couple of Married…With Children reruns.

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