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Masters Of Sex’s Caitlin Fitzgerald will play the bachelorette on UnREAL

Masters Of Sex

TVLine reports UnREAL has found its bachelorette for season three: that’s Masters Of Sex alum Caitlin Fitzgerald. The former Mrs. Masters will play Serena, a “successful Silicon Valley venture capitalist who’ll win America over with her outward strength and inner vulnerability.” Intelligence and wealth aside, we’re pretty sure the character will still fall prey to Rachel and Quinn’s machinations. But it’ll make for good TV-within-TV, right? The fellows who will be around to woo Serena include a “handsome firefighter,” a “cocky Wall Street investor,” as well as a professional surfer and dancer (those are two separate contestants, though). They haven’t been cast yet, but season three has already found a new showrunner in Stacy Rukeyser.

[via ScreenCrush]


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