Masters Of Sex has spent the time between its first and second seasons rounding out its cast like a premium-cable drama that’s made a subplot out of quick turnover at a secretary’s desk, hiring Betsy Brandt, Sarah Silverman, and Danny Huston as potential candidates for being scandalized out of a job by William Masters and Virginia Johnson. But the show’s latest additions suggest that past announcements could have all been part of a single casting: As Deadline reports, Courtney B. Vance and Rene Auberjonois will appear in season two as a pair of Masters and Johnson’s fellow medical revolutionaries. Or maybe, just maybe, Auberjonois is reprising his shapeshifting Star Trek: Deep Space Nine role and playing all of the new characters himself. With Auberjonois assigned to play George Papanicolaou, inventor of the Pap smear, it would initially appear that the veteran character actor is taking a departure from his most well known TV role, aiding in the early detection of cancer rather than performing security detail on a Federation space station and frequently melting into a puddle of CGI goo. But first impressions are just how those shapeshifters get you—shortly before they take a new form that’s ready to quit at the mere mention of the word “cervix.”