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Master P is the latest rapper getting into the legal weed business

Photo: Master P's Trees

New Orleans-based rapper Master P joins Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg as the latest rap star branching out into the legal weed business. Master P’s new line is delightfully called “Master P’s Trees.” And his products include flowers, edibles, wax, and vape pens, which are all designed to provide a “complete lifestyle” for the cannabis consumer. Vaping, however, seems to be the jewel in Master P’s crown. According to a press release, Master P is “focused on turning green into liquid gold by revolutionizing the vape trend.”

Master P’s “liquid gold” line includes flavors like Sweet Tea, Chocolate Beignet, Peach Cobbler, Red Velvet, Irish Apple and “Coolaide.” They’re made from all-natural, edible-grade vape oil, which is free of preservatives and toxins, for the health conscious weed connoisseur. And it seems health is key to Master P’s brand. In an email to the hip-hop magazine XXL, he explains:

It’s a forest fire up in here, and Master P’s Trees are blazing the way. For as long as I can remember, cannabis has been around helping helping medical patients, and now it’s a legal lifestyle. I’m happy to be an innovator in this movement and to offer a healthier option with our edible grade oils. Pioneering the vape movement is what Master P’s Trees is all about. We don’t just want to promote the cannabis industry, we want to shape it in the direction of health, and to promote its health and healing aspects.”


Befitting the “liquid gold” branding, Master P is also selling a line of gold vape pens with disposable wax cartridges called “liquid blunts.” You can find out more on Master P’s Trees impeccably designed website, which features sleek marketing like this:


There’s no way to order from the site, but apparently distribution is slated to coincide with Master P’s next music tour. And, of course, Master P’s products will only be available in states where marijuana is legal for medical and recreational use.

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