Attention Watchmen haters: Looking for anecdotal evidence to support your claim that Watchmen sucks? Look no further: A few news outlets are reporting significant audience walk-outs during the dense—and long—superhero flick. Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune has a report today on his blog from a colleague that his screening endured a 25 percent audience-attrition rate. He also cites a post from that mentioned "mass walkouts" at four points of the film, basically 15-minute intervals. Phillips says posted that one-third of an audience walked out of a screening as well.

All of this, combined with the film's not-bad-but-definitely-weak box-office take spells trouble for Watchmen. But is all of this doom really the case, or are people just dog-piling on the negativity? Let's hear it from those of you who have seen it: Were there a lot of walk-outs?