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Masochists, enjoy this nightmarish portal into Donald Trump clips throughout history

Screenshot: Doonaldjtrump.com

In these times, it’s hard to keep one’s outrage in check when there’s something new to be apoplectic and despondent about with each passing hour. As such, it becomes easy to lose track of our current commander-in-chief’s myriad sins, which run the gamut from economic and racial to comedic and sartorial. In times where it feels tough to pinpoint the source of your dread, simply allow this site to remind you.

Described as “an endless time capsule of the unnerving present,” DoonaldJTrump.com punctuates a stream of our president’s interviews, speeches, and soundbites from throughout his life and career with the horrifying moments of disharmony that have spawned in their wake. Creator Zach Scott used randomization techniques so every visit to the site provides a unique experience. Every time you arrive, you’ll see the footage in a different order. His goal is to create new and different juxtapositions that help create a broader portrait of Trump’s life and legacy.


Scott’s also behind the site’s unnerving music, which makes the whole thing feel like the despairing final montage of some future tragedy, albeit one that we’re all currently hurtling towards.

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