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Mascot provocateur Gritty poses for nude painting

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Gritty, everyone’s favorite shaggy-haired, googly eyed freak, has posed nude. Though we somehow missed this landmark shift in the Philadelphia Flyers mascot’s career when his overwhelmingly erotic portrait was unveiled last month, we feel it’s of the utmost importance that we mark the occasion now, with apologies to all of those who have wasted precious weeks ignorant to this momentous news.


Gritty, as The Philly Voice reported at the time, posed for his daring painting during a Flyers game against the Boston Bruins, baring all as the opposing team had to figure out how to maintain their concentration knowing a big orange sexual dynamo was lounging provocatively on a nearby couch. Virginia artist Benjamin Davis was given the Herculean task of capturing Gritty’s deranged stare and hirsute curves. Naturally enough, Davis says he “kind of spaced out a little bit” while working, overwhelmed by Gritty’s “gaze, his body—his essence really. His belly button.”

Videos and photos of the modeling session help illustrate what Davis is talking about. In a tweet captioned “Paint me like one of your French jawns,” we can see Gritty purposefully stride toward the artist as Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” plays over the stadium speakers, throwing off his robe to expose his upsettingly puckered purple belly button and flopping down onto the couch. In an Instagram post from Davis, a photo shows Gritty’s vacant stare as he sits, legs spread and mouth hanging open, while being painted. Is it any wonder the artist felt a bit flustered when faced with these kind of sights?

We already knew Gritty was a champion of the people—and not the public menace he was briefly accused of being. But his willingness to publicly disrobe in a vain attempt to distract the Bruins enough that his dear Flyers could win a game tells us even more about his character: It clearly demonstrates that he’s also one of most committed mascots we’ve ever seen.

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