It’s been a whole week since all 13 episodes of Orange Is The New Black’s second season premiered on Netflix, so naturally everyone should be done watching and anxiously awaiting the third season by now. Fortunately, those new episodes are already being filmed, as well as painfully teased by various stars’ Instagram accounts. And now it’s time to welcome the season’s first new cast member: the Oscar-winning, Ted Danson-loving, all-around elegant and sweet Mary Steenburgen, who will join the cast for Season 3. The actress announced her role via Twitter.

Very excited to go to my first wardrobe fitting of OITNB! Will I be in orange or black?:)

— Mary Steenburgen (@MarySteenburgen) June 12, 2014

No word yet on whom she’ll be playing or how many episodes she’ll appear in, but there’s plenty of time to speculate. Will she be like Vee, rocking the prison’s status quo? Or maybe she’ll be a more passive inmate, such as Sister or Brook, locked up for something nonviolent? Or maybe a mother who couldn’t stand the way he 40-year-old son was still living at home, so she snapped and poisoned his fancy sauce? Only time will tell.