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Mary J. Blige to menace New York as 40-foot-tall hologram

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

New York residents are advised to keep their emergency dancing shoes close at hand and watch their loved ones for signs of an overdose on soul, as Uproxx reports that a giant, holographic Mary J. Blige is expected to appear in the city Sunday evening, potentially overwhelming the populace with its devastating grooves. Light-Blige, who will measure 40-feet-tall and be accompanied by unstoppably smooth beats, is being unleashed as part of the Budweiser Made In America Monument Series, which will see the singer-songwriter’s meatspace persona performing at the base of the Statue of Liberty.

The holographic display will be part of a sister concert on Governors Island, which will also feature performances from T-Pain, Misterwives, and Big Gigantic, whose members probably never assumed they’d have to perform under that name while standing next to a 40-foot-tall Grammy winner made out of light. Unsurprisingly, given the event’s provenance, beer will also be available at the concert, which is good, because if you’re going to listen to a 4D hologram of Mary J. Blige croon “Be Without You” from 40 feet above your head, you should probably also be drunk.


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