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Mary Elizabeth Winstead is unbreakable in Cloverfield/Kimmy Schmidt mashup

J.J. Abrams sneak attacked us last week by slipping a teaser trailer for his new monster film 10 Cloverfield Lane—a follow-up to 2008’s Cloverfield—in front of screenings of Michael Bay’s 13 Hours with little advanced warning. In fact, the Cloverfield Lane trailer may have been the most exciting part of seeing 13 Hours. In seemingly unrelated news, Netflix announced the premiere date for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s second season and then went ahead and renewed the series for a third season, because Netflix loves to renew.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and 10 Cloverfield Lane have one very important thing in common: a bunker. YouTube user Glen Tickle noticed that Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s life in a bunker that’s portrayed in the 10 Cloverfield Lane trailer looked somewhat like Kimmy Schmidt’s past, so he slapped Kimmy Schmidt’s earworm of a theme song on top of the trailer and created Unbreakable Cloverfield, a trailer much giddier and more hopeful than the original. Glen Tickle is not the first to reappropriate the Auto-Tuned theme song, which also fit very nicely with the 2000 Bruce Willis film, Unbreakable.

10 Cloverfield Lane hits theaters on March 11, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt returns on April 15.


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