Marvin Gaye’s family has already threatened legal action against the “Blurred Lines” dudes, but now Gaye’s son is telling TMZ he’s pretty sure that Robin Thicke has ripped off his dad multiple times. Marvin Gaye III said, “If you listen to the music… anyone will see the similarities clearly between what my father does and what Robin Thicke has been trying to do.” Gaye says Thicke’s style-lifting disrespects the legacy of his father, as well as that of the whole Gaye family.

It’s worth noting here that the long-deceased Gaye is listed as a songwriter on one of Thicke’s songs, “Million Dolla Baby,” off 2009’s Sex Therapy, whose liner notes read, “contains interpolations from the composition ‘Trouble Man,’”—a song Gaye released in 1972. As Spin notes, that doesn’t constitute theft, especially if the Gaye clan is receiving songwriting royalties for the track. Still, as Gaye III told TMZ, “There’s a way to do business and a way not to do business and we’re not happy about the way he’s doing business.”

As previously reported, Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and T.I. have all preemptively filed suit against the Gaye family, hoping to head off a copyright infringement scuffle with the family.