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Marvel won't say otherwise, so let's just assume Katherine Langford is Kate Bishop in Avengers 4

Photo: Monica Schipper (Getty Images)

Frank Grillo is never going to be allowed to talk about a Marvel movie again after he seemingly confirmed that some of Avengers 4 will take place in the past, but since nobody else will tell us anything about the movie, we’re just going to have to start offering some more wild theories in order to satisfy our eternal hunger for Avengers content. This time around, the thing we know very little about is 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford, who—according to The Wrap—has joined the cast of Avengers 4 in a mysterious, unannounced role.

That’s all we know, but here’s an airtight theory that we’d like to see somebody at Marvel try to deny: Katherine Langford’s first name is Katherine, which could realistically be shortened to “Kate,” which means she’s definitely playing Kate Bishop, the second Hawkeye. Need more proof? Check this out: Both Langford and Bishop have dark hair. Still need more proof? Well, that’s all we have, but Kate Bishop (who was the co-star of Matt Fraction and David Aja’s excellent Hawkeye series) is awesome, and she deserves to be in these movies.


Now, this may seem a little reminiscent of when the internet theorized that either Julie Delpy or Linda Cardellini would be appearing in Avengers: Age Of Ultron as Captain Marvel (simply because Marvel Studios hadn’t said who they’d be playing), but this situation is completely different because—as we previously noted—both Langford and Kate Bishop have the same first name and hair color. Nobody can dispute proof like that, and since Captain America is definitely going to die, the Avengers will need to fill out their roster a bit.

Of course, if our theory is wrong, all Marvel has to do to correct this information is tell us anything about Avengers 4.

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