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Marvel to give Princess Leia her own comic book

Word from San Diego Comic-Con is that Marvel will be launching three monthly Star Wars titles, and that the first of these will focus on Princess Leia. As Marvel and Star Wars are now corporate step-siblings in the Disney family, the move makes a lot of sense for everyone, especially as Marvel has plenty of experience with ensemble stories starring only one girl.

Details are sketchy about the other two comics, as well as what time period the Leia comic will take place. Will we get to see a teenage Leia joining a fledgeling Rebel Alliance while rising to prominence in the Imperial Senate? Or a post-Return Of the Jedi Leia learning the Force from her newly discovered brother? Or maybe that time, from in the books, when she and Luke Skywalker’s clone, Luuke, travel to that moon that landed on Chewbacca, to fight the clone Emperor, and—okay, you know what? They’re never basing anything on the stupid Star Wars novels. Just let it go.

Obviously, the Princess Leia comic is just one small part of a multi-faceted effort to make sure fans are aware of Star Wars: Episode VII: AT-AT-las Shrugged, an obscure upcoming project Comic-Con attendees may not be familiar with. But given that Disney had to be pressured by fans to even stock Leia toys in the Disney Store, it’s nice to see them giving the character a little more attention.


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