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Marvel’s Thor has become a woman

Thor, Goddess of Thunder, by Esad Ribic

This morning, the ladies of The View announced that Marvel Comics would be turning Thor into a woman. This isn’t She-Thor or Thorette—just straight-up Thor with a different chromosomal alignment. Why announce this on The View? Well, Disney owns ABC and Marvel, so corporate synergy dictates that an announcement like this should be announced in a way that will get it more attention. And it’s a strategy that worked well, considering the social media traction of the news.

The female Thor will make her debut in a new Thor ongoing series by current Thor: God Of Thunder writer Jason Aaron and Cyclops artist Russell Dauterman (who draws the cover below Esad Ribic’s character design). Considering Aaron’s outstanding current work with the Asgardian hero, it’s likely to be entertaining—at least until male Thor inevitably returns for his hammer. As is the case with any major superhero change, there are already comic fans decrying the gender swap. But still, this is Thor we’re talking about here, a character that was turned into a frog, for God’s sake. Let him be a woman for a while.


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