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Marvel’s Team Thor mockumentary is getting a sequel

(Screenshot: @MarvelStudios/Twitter)

In the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok the Asgardian hero will be paired with the Hulk and Doctor Strange. But whither Darryl? Remember Darryl, the poor bloke forced to room the with the haughty hammer-wielder while the rest of the Avengers were off battling in Captain America: Civil War? We met Darryl in the charming short made by Ragnarok director Taika Waititi that was released over the summer after premiering at the San Diego Comic-Con, and his story is apparently not over yet.

According to Entertainment Weekly, a sequel to the mockumentary will arrive with Doctor Strange on Blu-ray and digital platforms February 28. There are many questions left to be answered that have nothing to do with the Marvel lineup’s usual concerns. For example: Will Darryl ever figure out how to vacuum around Mjolnir? Will Thor get a cell phone? Will Bruce Banner discover how he keeps ending up in cutoffs?

Thor: Ragnarok—which hopefully also references Darryl—is due out November 3.


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