Brie Larson, star of the upcoming Captain Marvel movie (Photo: Dan MacMedan/Getty Images)

Marvel has taken its sweet time introducing Captain Marvel to its wide world of superheroes, and, according to a new report, it is going to continue moving at a lethargic pace when it comes to finding a director for the project. Variety reporter Justin Kroll posted on Twitter that the studio is “in no rush” and is “waiting to get a script they are happy with.” Kroll explains this is because there are so many projects on the docket ahead of Captain Marvel.


Back in August, a report emerged that three women—Lesli Linka Glatter, Niki Caro, and Lorene Scafaria—were in the running for the job. Even then The Hollywood Reporter cautioned that “a decision won’t be made anytime soon.” And while the film starring Brie Larson isn’t scheduled for release until 2019, the reluctance to make a choice also seems in line with Hollywood’s frustrating wariness when it comes to giving female directors opportunities.

[via Screenrant]