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Marvel’s latest Star Wars comic reveals a big secret from Han Solo’s past

Marvel’s Star Wars #6 contains a giant shock: the appearance of Han Solo’s wife, Sana. The latest issue in the main Star Wars comic series is canon, meaning this development is official, and may be incorporated in The Force Awakens. The comic-book story takes place in the three years between the events of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, filling in the gap from when our heroes destroyed the Death Star to when we see them again on Hoth. The comic has added all sorts of information to the canon (Luke and Boba Fett sparred in this same issue, for example), but the introduction of this brand-new character necessitates a whole new understanding of Han Solo and the romance between him and Leia.


This revelation means Han was married through the entire first film, and certainly will have repercussions on his fledgling relationship with Leia, perhaps explaining why they weren’t solidly together when The Empire Strikes Back catches up with the characters. According to Comicbook.com, the solicitation text of Star Wars #7 says only that she’s “mysterious woman from Han’s past!” She also adorns the cover of Star Wars #9, which is out in August.

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