After Edgar Wright dropped out of Ant-Man, Anchorman director Adam McKay’s name somehow found itself at the top of Marvel’s list of possible replacements. Despite a meeting in which Marvel supposedly flat-out offered McKay the job, he turned the studio down—maybe because it was too late to cast Will Ferrell as Ant-Man. McKay is apparently a big fan of comics, though, and when Peyton Reed was hired as the new Ant-Man guy, McKay agreed to “contribute” to the script.

Now, according to Collider, Marvel still isn’t done with him. The site asked Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige if he’d be interested in working with McKay again, and Feige responded that McKay “is in the running for everything” and that he’s “a great, great writer and director.” Feige even admitted that Marvel has been meeting with McKay to try and find a project for him, so it seems basically confirmed that McKay will direct one of the studios’ many upcoming movies.


But which one? There are only a handful of Marvel movies that have been announced but don’t have directors yet, and of those, the common assumption seems to be that Inhumans will be the best fit for McKay. After all, what is the Inhuman Royal Family but a super-powered version of Anchorman‘s news team? Plus, that means Will Ferrell can play the Inhuman king, Black Bolt, which would be…pretty terrible, actually.