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Marvel’s Inhumans will premiere on ABC in September

Marvel's Inhumans (Photo: ABC/Michael Muller)

The premiere of Marvel and ABC’s new Inhumans TV series has always been presented as a Big Deal, with the series itself almost being an afterthought to the big IMAX screenings planned for the first episode. For those who won’t be seeing the premiere on the enormous screens it was intended for, though, we now have some new details about that first episode. For starters, it will actually be two hours, which should be enough to make it up to any diehard Inhumans fans who are still disappointed that Marvel isn’t making an actual movie about these lovable, fratricidal freaks anymore.

Also, we already knew that Marvel’s Inhumans will air on Fridays on ABC in the fall, and now Yahoo! TV is reporting that the series’ two-hour premiere will debut on September 29, kicking off an eight-episode run. The IMAX version of the premiere will launch a little earlier, hitting theaters on September 1 and running for just two weeks.


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