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Marvel’s Inhumans is shooting in Hawaii, gets a silly working title

Image: Marvel

The ABC adaptation of Marvel’s Inhumans has been slowly winding its way through pre-production, landing a director, getting an IMAX screen debut, and more. If it sometimes feels like it would take less time to get to the aliens’ home on the moon than to arrive at the premiere, take comfort in knowing that not only do we have a planned start of production in March, but now two additional pieces of information confirm that, yes, people are still interested in making things out of Marvel properties. (Soon, your entire toy collection will be on either the big or small screen—hell, even Damage Control is on TV, though DC obviously isn’t allowed to call it that.)

A Hawaii-based journal called Pacific Business News reports the series will be filmed in the state, where they’ve transformed a 3,700-acre ex-Navy facility into a production base. Housed in Kalaeloa, the show is expected to inject a superhero-sized $80-100 million injection of cash into the local economy. It’s not yet reported how much of that budget is going to what better be a lot of appearances of a realistic version of Lockjaw, but hopefully it’s a lot.


Even more exciting for people who love unexciting news, this next project from Marvel has a working title: Project Next. No word on who cooked up this bold and tantalizing title, but we’re going to go ahead and assume it was selected because Tax Write-Off, More Superpowers For The Dorks To Watch, and Working Vacation In Paradise were taken. The show will still debut Labor Day weekend on IMAX screens, and then premiere on ABC September 26, 2017.

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