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Marvel’s Inhumans IMAX episodes activate a director

Image via: Marvel

We already knew the upcoming ABC series of Marvel’s Inhumans would be getting a larger-than-life debut by having its first two episodes filmed and premiered in IMAX on theater screens around the world. The eight-episode program (that is not meant to replace the formerly planned movie or be a spin-off of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., as the producers keep stressing) will have those first installments air on more than 1,000 IMAX screens, which is a surefire way to get people excited to see more of it on a much smaller screen and greatly reduced budget for six more episodes. But the question of who would helm these massive supersize versions of the show has now been answered, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Dutch director Roel Reiné has been handed control of all that Terrigen mist.

The publication notes Reiné won the “Dutch equivalent to an Oscar for Best Director” for his 1999 directorial debut The Delivery, an action-adventure film whose IMDB keywords begin with “gun in rectum,” “penis,” and “scratches on back.” Reiné went on to direct a variety of TV and film projects, including such notable works as Death Race 2, The Scorpion King 3, 12 Rounds 2, Seal Team Eight, The Man With The Iron Fists 2, The Condemned 2, and Hard Target 2. The reasoning behind the decision was obvious: If you need someone to direct two episodes of your show, get that guy who loves making “2” things. This will be Reiné’s second American TV series, after Starz’ Black Sails. The Inhumans, led by unproven choice of former Dexter (and current Iron Fist) showrunner Scott Buck, will premiere on IMAX screens during Labor Day weekend 2017.


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