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Marvel’s Daredevil gets the Law & Order treatment

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In the Marvel criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the costumed vigilantes, who investigate crime and use kung fu on the bad guys; and the attorneys, who use heightened senses and radar abilities to represent the innocent. These are their stories.


At least, that’s the narration suggestion by this melding of Netflix’s Daredevil and Law & Order. Previously, others had used the sweet bass line and style of Night Court to skewer the legal stylings of Daredevil. But now an equally great “wah wah” sound and perfect simulation of the Dick Wolf series’ credits style has been created by YouTube user David Johns. It’s an excellent cross-breeding of the two styles complete with the grainy photos and glamour shots of the stars. It also suggests a more perfect world where Jerry Orbach could have played Ben Urich.

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