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Marvel’s Black Panther will feature a flashback to the ‘90s

Captain America: Civil War

Evidently, Marvel’s Black Panther is a ‘90s kid, and Ryan Coogler’s upcoming movie about him will feature a flashback to his time living in California in the ‘90s. That’s according to the East Bay Times (via /Film), which reports that a retro-style Bay Area AC Transit bus is being built for a sequence in the film where we see a young T’Challa—before he’s the Black Panther—attending Saint Mary’s College High School in Berkeley. We don’t know much beyond that, but this might be where Sterling K. Brown’s character (“a figure from T’Challa’s past”) comes in.

Seeing as how the ‘90s are super hot these days, hopefully Marvel will take this opportunity to throw in some fun gags for people to pick apart in future YouTube video compilations. Maybe there’ll be a scene where T’Challa watches Seinfeld while drinking some Surge and wearing a pair of those Zubaz pants. Or they could go really meta with it and he could visit a comic book store where every cover features a hero covered in pouches and carrying an enormous gun.


Black Panther will be in theaters next February.

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