So we’ve established that Marvel knows it has a problem with female representation in its superhero movies, and it’s probably going to make great strides in fixing that problem as soon as it possibly can. But first, check out this picture of Josh Brolin as Thanos! Ooh! Aah! Sorry, what important issue were we talking about?

There’s really not much to say here other than “Hey, it’s Thanos,” so let’s just spend some time talking about Thanos as a character. That way, we can properly establish the context for the image you’re about to see. Thanos was born on Saturn’s moon Titan in the space year of 1973. His parents are Arthur and Margaret Thanos, two school teachers who always dreamed of their son following in their footsteps. Unfortunately, Thanos—who was born Timothy James Thanos—chose a life of intergalactic supervillainy instead. In 1991, he married his high school sweetheart, the literal embodiment of Death. The two divorced shortly after. OK, we almost certainly made most of that up, but now that you know Thanos’ background, you can fully appreciate how he looks when being played by Josh Brolin:


Hey, it’s Thanos. This is how he’s going to look in Guardians Of The Galaxy, so now you don’t need to see the movie to know what he looks like. Also, eagle-eyed readers will notice a few interesting details about this image, most notably the fact that his enormous chair has tiny little rocket engines. Where does one buy a chair like that? Do the little rockets require fuel? Is the chair comfortable? Or, if not, does it make him a more intimidating villain if his chair isn’t comfortable?

(h/t Screen Crush)