Marvel's Jessica Jones

We’re getting closer to the premiere of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, the new Netflix series that also serves as step 14 in Marvel’s plan to convert all the world’s entertainment into a subsidiary of the superhero-centric company. So rather than release yet another teaser trailer, Complex reports the company has released a new prequel comic to serve as a primer to those just learning about the character for the first time, and also to remind people that Jessica now looks an awful lot like Krysten Ritter for some reason.

We’ve already downloaded it from Comixology and read it—not that we’re looking forward to the series or think Ritter is the best or anything—and it’s definitely just a sample-size story. It basically gives a brief look at Jones, a taste of her job, and a demonstration of some of her more charming personality traits, including ripping a hospital needle out of a criminal recently beaten down by Daredevil. (Those of you who watched Marvel’s Daredevil know him as Turk, the guy who sold guns out of his trunk and seemed to be involved with just about everybody.) Still, despite the short length, it’s worth checking out to get a feel for the show’s tone. Oh, and also: They released yet another teaser trailer.